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Islamic Center of East Brunswick (ICEB) has been established by the members of the Muslim community of East Brunswick and neighboring areas so that individually and collectively they all can practice their Islamic faith, uphold ethical and moral values, indulge and support religious, educational pursuits, upgrade our character, and thus by these acts glorify Allah (Exalted He Is). ICEB also has this mission to serve the social, cultural and religious needs of central Jersey in general, and East Brunswick Community in particular. The services that ICEB provides are not limited to one specific religion or ethnic group, but it covers residents from diverse backgrounds, religions, and cultures.

Below section allows to make donations to Masjid construction, Community Services and Monthly Expenses accounts. You can also make payment via cheques as well by writing them to “IQRA Community Services” and mail it to below address;
402 New Brunswick Ave.,
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Note: All donations are tax deductible as per IRS rules; Tax Exempt – ID: 20-1632633


Alhamdulillah, with your generous support we were able to raise approx. $167,000 during Fundraising Dinner on 24th March 2019, out of which $60,000 were collected during the event and $107,000 in pledges.  Overall, we now have $910,000 in the bank and pledges of approx. $300,000. 

Insha’Allah, we are looking to start construction by June/July 2020 if all the pledges are fulfilled in time.  

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