Friday Prayer Announcement 6/12

As you may know that the State of NJ has further relaxed the outdoor gathering restrictions. With these updates, ICEB will be holding two (2) Friday prayers this Friday 6/12/2020  at Heavenly Farms, East Brunswick.

Below is a link to google maps for navigation purposes.,-74.434440

We humbly request all congregants to remain patient and to cooperate with the volunteers. Salah will be offered on a concrete surface underneath the confectionery stand building.

Two Salahs are planned with the following timings:

1st Salah Time: 1:10 PM
 4-5 min short Khutbah, followed by a Jummah Salah
2nd Salah Time: 1:40 PM
 4-5 min short Khutbah, followed by a Jummah Salah

It is critical for all of us to adhere to the guidelines and work together to keep everyone safe.

The following are the minimum guidelines that must be adhered when coming to Jummah prayers;

  1. FACE MASK is mandatory and no one will be allowed without one.  No Exceptions.
  2. Everyone must bring their own PRAYER RUG. No Exceptions.
  3. Males only.
  4. Maintain social distancing in sufoof (rows).
  5. Come five minutes before Iqama time and Pray Sunnah before and after the Fard Salah at home.
  6. Come with Wudu.
  7. Please do not bring children under the age of 13.
  8. If you are over 65 or sick and have flu like symptoms (flu, cough, sneeze, runny nose, headache, joint pain, etc.), please STAY HOME and do not come.
  9. Please refrain from socializing before or after the Salah
  10. Avoid shaking hands. Verbal Salam would be sufficient.

May Allah S.W.T protect us and keep us in His mercy and protection. We pray for the safety and health of everyone, Aameen!

Note: Please make note of the location of the Jummah/Friday prayers.

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