ICEB Fundraising Dinner Update on 24th March, 2019

On behalf of ICEB administration team, I would like to thank all who participated and contributed towards the fundraising dinner.  We had overwhelming participation by the community as lot more people showed up than previously confirmed. Indeed, we are thankful to Allah SWT for having such an amazing and supporting community and may Allah SWT bless you for your sincerity, support, and generosity.
Alhamdulillah, with your generous support we were able to raise approx. $167,000 that night, out of which $60,000 were collected during the event and $107,000 in pledges.  Overall, we now have $910,000 in the bank and pledges of approx. $300,000. Insha’Allah, we are looking to start construction by June/July 2020 if all the pledges are fulfilled in time.  
I understand that the task on hand is big and we still need additional money to finish the project, but with Allah`s will and your prayers, we look forward working with you to fulfill and achieve the goal in the near future, Insha’Allah.

I thank you once again for your time and effort and I apologize for any shortcomings on behalf of myself or my team.  I would like to thank the volunteers who helped us in the planning and organizing the event, and we will always welcome volunteers who can work with us in achieving these goals. I would also like to thank our sponsors who donated generously for this cause.

I ask Allah SWT to accept this effort from all of us and use this act for our maghfira’t in the hereafter. Aameen!

Faheem Soherwardy
Islamic Center of East Brunswick
IQRA Community Services Inc.,
Fundraising Dinner Sponsors
Sameer Sarmast650.650.6943sss@saturna.comFaiq Siddiqui
apexsales@investwithapex.comFaheem Soherwardy
njreforsale@gmail.comZeeshan Qadri
Zeeshan.qadri@guidanceresidential.comHafiz Wasif
mashaertravelinc@gmail.comArafa Yoosuf
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