• Announcement for ICEB President 2021-22
  • December, 11, 2020

    The term of the current administration will end on December 31st, 2020. In accordance with the bylaws of the Iqra Community Services, Shura Delegates has selected brother Faheem Soherwardy to continue as the next president which he has accepted. The next two-year term will start on Jan 1, 2021 and ends on Dec 31, 2022. We […]

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  • Eid-ul-Adha Prayer – Friday 31st July 2020
  • July, 28, 2020

    Due to anticipated weather conditions on Friday morning (31st July 2020) Insha’Allah, ICEB has made arrangements for 3 Eid-ul-Adha prayers at Heavenly Farms located at 440 Dunhams Corner Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 (same as Friday prayer location) at the following timings: First Salaah: 7:00 am Second Salaah: 7:45 am Third Salaah: 8:30 am Due to restrictions by East Brunswick […]

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  • Dhul Hijjah 1441 Announcement
  • July, 21, 2020

    Assalamu Alaikum, The crescent moon to commence the month of Dhul Hijja was NOT sighted in Haramain (Makkah and Madina). Further to this, the moon is not sighted anywhere in the eastern corridor of the United States therefore as per Hijri Calendar Committee (HCC) policy it has been decided unanimously that we will complete 30 days of Dhul Qa’dah […]

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  • ICEB Re Establishing the Official Five Daily Prayers – Effective Immediately
  • June, 12, 2020

    Alhamdulillah, with the great Blessings and Mercy of Allah S.W.T Islamic Center of East Brunswick (ICEB) will officially be reinstating the Five (5) Daily Prayers effective today Friday, June 12, 2020. In order to comply with the state regulations, each prayer will be limited to 20 people in the Main Prayer Hall. The health and […]

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  • Friday Prayer Announcement 6/12
  • June, 11, 2020

    As you may know that the State of NJ has further relaxed the outdoor gathering restrictions. With these updates, ICEB will be holding two (2) Friday prayers this Friday 6/12/2020  at Heavenly Farms, East Brunswick. Below is a link to google maps for navigation purposes.,-74.434440 We humbly request all congregants to remain patient and to […]

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  • Jummah Salah
  • June, 4, 2020

    Alhamdulillah, our state is gradually approaching a decrease in the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently the New Jersey Governor has relaxed the outdoor gathering restrictions to 25 people, including outdoor gatherings for the houses of worship. As mentioned earlier, Islamic Center of East Brunswick (ICEB) Administration is working to put together a framework that […]

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  • Announcement – Eid-ul-Fitr 1441 H
  • May, 23, 2020

    ICEB wishes you and your loved ones a happy Eid-ul-Fitr!! May Allah (SWT) accept our fasting, prayers, sadaqah, and all the ‘ibadaah during the sacred month of Ramadhan. Due to COVID-19 official guidelines from City & State, unfortunately ICEB will not be arranging the Eid gathering this time. However, we recommend that you pray your Eid prayer at home with […]

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  • Eid Announcement
  • May, 22, 2020

    The crescent moon to commence the month of Shawwal was NOT sighted in Haramain (Makkah and Madina). Further to this, the moon is not sighted anywhere in the eastern corridor of the United States therefore as per HCC policy it has been decided unanimously that we will complete 30 days of Ramadhan In Sha Allah. Accordingly, Eid ul Fitr will […]

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  • Ramadan 1441 Announcement
  • April, 23, 2020

    Hijri Calendar Committee (HCC) has announced that Insha’Allah first day of Ramadan 1441 AH will be tomorrow Friday, April 24th. ICEB wishes you and your family a very Blessed Ramadan. This Ramadan may be different than any one of us has experienced before in our lifetime. To adapt to these changes, ICEB will try to […]

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  • ICEB Monthly Family Dars – Oct 19th, 2019
  • October, 6, 2019

    Insha Allah our next monthly family Dars is scheduled for Saturday, October 19th , 2019 after Salatul Maghrib. Salatul Maghrib at ICEB will be at 6:20 PM Insha Allah. Please join us along with your friends and family members. WHEN: Saturday Oct 19th, 2019 After Maghrib.WHERE: Islamic Center of East Brunswick, 402 New Brunswick Ave, East Brunswick NJ 08816SPEAKER: Shaykh Kashiff Khan (Imam – Masjid Ahlul Quran […]

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  • ICEB Annual Picnic – Saturday, September 14th, 2019
  • September, 4, 2019
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  • Eid-ul-Adha Prayer – Sunday 11th August 2019
  • August, 9, 2019
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  • Eid-ul-Fitr (1st Shawwal) 1440 AH / 2019
  • June, 3, 2019

    Hijri Calendar Committee (HCC) has announced that moon has been sighted today.  Eid-ul-Fitr (1st of Shawwal 1440 AH) will be celebrated on Tuesday June 4th, 2018. Insha’Allah. May Allah (SWT) accept our ibadaa during the sacred month of Ramadan. Ameen! تَقَبَّلَ اللّهُ مِنَّ وَ مِنْكُمْ

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  • Ramadan Khatam-ul-Quran & Eidul Fitar Prayers 1440 AH / 2019
  • May, 30, 2019

    Khatam-ul-Quran Insha’Allah ICEB will have the Khatam-ul-Quran on Friday, May 31st.   It will be followed by Qiyam ul layl and Suhoor.   Note: We expect a large attendance for this night so we strongly suggest you to car pool, and please cooperate with the volunteers assisting us in the parking.  If our parking lot is full then please park on Henley Drive across from Mussallah. […]

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  • Ramadan 1440 AH / 2019
  • May, 4, 2019

    The Central Jersey Hijri Calendar Committee has not received any credible report of moon sighting from anywhere in the world.  Therefore, Ramadan will start from Monday, May 6th, 2019 Insha’Allah. Insha’Allah, we will have Taraweeh tomorrow Sunday May 5th, 2019 night and Isha is scheduled for 9:45 pm. Taraweeh Will Be Led By: Hafiz Ayman […]

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  • ICEB Statement on synagogue shooting in Poway, CA
  • April, 28, 2019

    Islamic Center of East Brunswick (ICEB) shows solidarity with the Jewish community nationwide following deadly shooting at Congregation Chahad synagogue in Poway, California. We  offer our deepest condolences to the families of victim and demand that those responsible for the heinous attack are brought to swift and immediate justice. ICEB strongly condemns these horrific attacks. […]

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  • ICEB Statement on Sri Lanka Tragedy
  • April, 24, 2019

    The Islamic Center of East Brunswick (ICEB) expresses its deepest condolences to the victims and their families during this incredibly tragic time and to the entire Christian community in Sri Lanka. ICEB strongly condemns these horrific attacks. Senseless acts like these in places that people would expect to be at their safest are truly horrifying. […]

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  • Community Iftaar & Mussallah Clean Up
  • April, 18, 2019

    Alhamdulillah, the Holy month of Ramadan is almost upon us. We pray and seek Allah (swt) blessing and mercy for good health and Imaan to witness this sacred month. We ask Allah to enable us to worship him during this month, and that he accepts our fasting, prayers, charity and all righteous deeds, Aameen. We […]

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  • ICEB Fundraising Dinner Update on 24th March, 2019
  • April, 10, 2019

    On behalf of ICEB administration team, I would like to thank all who participated and contributed towards the fundraising dinner.  We had overwhelming participation by the community as lot more people showed up than previously confirmed. Indeed, we are thankful to Allah SWT for having such an amazing and supporting community and may Allah SWT bless […]

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  • Prayer service for the victims of New Zealand tragedy
  • March, 16, 2019

    Please join on March 17th, 2019 at 2 p.m. at ICEB (402 NewBrunswick Ave., East Brunswick, NJ 08816) for the remembrance and prayers for the victims of the terrorist attack in New Zealand. East Brunswick mayor Brad Cohen, Police Dept. Officials, and few local council members will be in attendance.  Let’s pray for the innocent lives and for […]

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  • Hijri Calendar Committee
  • May, 15, 2018

    Hijri Calendar Committee (HCC) website is up and running. Click the link to visit the site First of Ramadan on Thursday, May 17th 2018. The Central Jersey Hijri Calendar Committee announced that first of Ramadan will insha’Allah be on Thursday, May 17th. The Ramadan moon was not sighted and 30 days of Sha’ban will be completed. […]

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  • ICEB – SGM – January 27, 2018 – Balloting Results
  • January, 28, 2018

    Alhamdulillah, with the help of Allah Subhanah Wa Ta’ala and the strong participation from the community members we were able to surpass the quorum today to conduct the Special General Body Meeting. Following are the Balloting results: Ballot 1Absentee voting was approved with 60% approval. This will allow ICEB members, living in East Brunswick and […]

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